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After a whopping 12 years after its predecessor, Diablo 3 is finally out to play on the PC. The story begins 20 years after Diablo 2 has ended with a girl named Leah who has the ability to seal demon lords in a soul stone. Plus Tyreal the archangel is trying to stop Diablo from taking over the heavens. This time around Tyreal threw away is divinity to become mortal in order to warn the humans and fight diablo army of hell.

The player starts off with the choice of 5 different character classes to choose barbarian, witch doctor, wizard, monk, and demon hunter. Then the adventure starts from there, unlike in Diablo 2, there is no point allotment system in this game. Instead the skill system is structured for experimenting with unlocked skills to make game play more enjoyable. Another features is a rune system that adds effects to skills based on you level. An example is the witch doctors summoned dogs can have poison effect or take damage dealt to the user. The item and armor equip system has remained the same, but now there is crafting involved in Diablo 3.

Game play is very easy to get into and the tutorials are very helpful to first timers. Graphics have improved immensely with the same nostalgic point of view from the previous game. There are old enemies redone plus new ones also that at some point during the game end up as huge monsters that aren’t even bosses. The new world designs are very detailed and combined with the enemies and allies makes the game addicting at time. The leveling system remains the same and while in single player mode the player can also have a follower help them along the way.

So far the game has an easier playing feel compared to diablo 2 with  npc characters fighting alongside you. I’ve only been playing as the witch doctor class so far and have enjoyed it tremendously. Since it reminds me of the old necromancer class with the summoned creatures assisting you. Overall, Diablo 3 delivers terrific graphics, challenging bosses, beautifully rendered environments, and a wide variety of enemies that will just mob you if your not careful. Which makes this one of the most anticipated games for the year.


Anime Review: No. 6

No.6 is an anime that I had some mixed feelings about, also it was at the bottom of my list for shows to watch but I eventually got to it. No. 6 starts off with the main character Shion who at the beginning is a 12 year old gifted child who got excepted to a special program. He lives in a perfect ideal city called No.6 that is enclosed from the outside world. On a stormy night Shion takes in an injured boy named Nezumi who is a fugitive. Shion tended Nezumi’s wound and took care of Nezumi until the next day when Nezumi just vanishes. Shion is punished for helping a fugitive with his status revoked forcing him and his mother to move to the lower end of No.6. 4 years past with Shion now working as a park maintenance worker. His co-worker mysteriously starts to rapidly age , then a bee comes out of his neck which results in the person dying.

Shion is accused of the death, luckily Nezumi helps Shion escape No.6 before something terrible happens to Shion. While Shion is away the mysteriously disease starts to happen to him, he is saved with his body having been change. He now has white hair and a scar from his ankle to his neck resembling a red snake. Now Shion has to find out the dark secrets of city No.6 with the help of Nezumi. Nezumi is the complete opposite of Shion, with being street smart and a well trained fighter. Nezumi calls No.6 the “parasitic city” since it clings to people and figuratively and literally sucks the life out of them. Nezumi attempts to help Shion while behind the shadows having an ulterior motive of destroying the city.

At first I liked some of the first episodes of this series with Nezumi being a fugitive and trying to escape. Then with Shion getting into so much trouble he is sort exiled out of the city leaving his old life behind. The middle of the series with Shion adjusting to the outside with the harshness people have to go thru is has its moments but is lacking at times. Then the end when Nezumi and Shion have to work together to achieve there goals was really awesome. Pretty much No.6 takes one person who is living a nice perfect life in an ideal city and completly doing a 180 allowing him to see how things really are outside the city. Shion grows thru out the series with trying to stand on his feet to survive. Also because of Shion, Nezumi starts to open up instead of being cold-hearted. Overall it wasn’t a terrible series that I hated it but it just wasn’t really my type of series to really get into. Still it is a solid anime series that deserves to be watched but don’t be expecting to much.

Anime Review: Gundam Wing

This time around i’m going to be doing an older show that is one of my favorites that I still watch time to time. Gundam Wing is a 90’s anime show about 5 young boys that are sent to earth from space in order to the Earth military organization called OZ. Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei are the pilots that are each assigned certain missions to cripple OZ. They are highly trained and each pilot a mobile suit called a gundam that has unique attributes based on the pilots.

Heero Yui is the pilot of wing gundam and then later on wing zero. The series mainly revolves around him as he battles Zechs Marchese/Miliardo Peacecraft a top OZ mobile suit pilot. Plus a relationship with Relena Darlian/Relena Peacecraft who acts like a spoiled rich girl, but later on tries to unifiy peace between the earth and space colonies that are at war with each other. Duo Maxwell pilots the deathscythe and then after the suit is destroyed, he pilots the deathsythe hell. Trowa Barton pilots the heavyarms while also working in a traveling circus act undercover, he later pilots a custom heavyarms unit. Next is Wufei Chang the pilot of shenlong and then it gets upgraded to altron. Last is Quatre Rabeba Winner who pilots the sandrock and then later an upgraded version. Quatre is mostly a peaceful person that doesn’t look like a mobile suit pilot. He also is responsible for building wing zero which almost cause Quatre to lose his sanity from the dangerous ZERO system which results in him killing anyone.

Gundam wing is a 49 episode series with a movie set 1 year after the end of the series called Endless Waltz. The plot in the story was very interesting revolving around the OZ military structure. At the beginning OZ was whole then later on the organization broke up into factions that fought against each other. Plus the gundam pilots mission at first was to destroy the Earth military but by the end they band together with the resolve to protect both earth and the space colonies. Another good part was the interactions between Heero and his nemesis Zechs with battles and also there conversations through out the series.

Even though this anime series was made in the mid 90’s. Today’s video game companies still put in familiar gundam mobile suits for fun. Such as in Another Century Episode franchise, and the Super Robot Wars Z franchise plus the model kits a fun as hell to put together. Even though gundam wing doesn’t use graphics like in cg animation today, it still has a great story line packed with action and emotional scenes. Thats why its is such an enjoyable series to watch.

From left to right Asbel Sophie Hubert Cheria King Richard Malik and Pascal

Time for another rpg review with Tales of Graces F for the PS3. The game revolves around a boy named Asbel Lhant who went to a meadow with his brother Hubert to discover a bright light. Then a mysterious girl named Sophie who has no memory of her past appears. While trying to figure out who Sophie is the group meets Richard who is actually a prince.  After an incident involving Richard and a mysterious monster which results in Sophie disappearing. Theres a 7 year time skip where you play as an older version of Asbel, Hubert and there childhood friend Cheria. Sophie returns but doesn’t recognize or has memories of being with Asbel. Now theres a mysterious force spawning monsters of an unknown origin, Asbel Hubert, Cheria, Sophie, along with Pascal, and Malik have there work cut out for them.

As an rpg Tales of Graces F has an in depth story with terrific character development that doesn’t leave any gaps. The battle system is a 3-d free roaming fighting system that utilizes attacks called artes. There are two set one is A-artes and the other is B-artes. Each has there pros and cons such as A-artes are predetermined but you can select your B-artes. Each attack has a cost that is used through a chain capacity point system. In the game weapons and armor can be upgraded using shards that give gems with effects. Theres also an item mixing system that lets you make better items by mix 2  together. Next is the Mixer which can be loaded with items to give effects or create a duplicate. Finally there is the title equip system that over time by gathering experience points called SP. Can unlock new skills and improve the characters stats.

Dlc Cod Geass costumes I can’t wait if theres a U.S. release

So far I finished the main story and now i’m working on beating the epilogue called Legend and Legacies which takes place 6 months after the main story. Unfortunately i’m not going to spoil the story but I will say it is pretty much an emotional train ride with animation cut-scenes. Packed with in depth understanding of each character including there reasons and resolves for fighting. Even though this had a simple battle system I am enjoying the story plus its a good rpg game that i have played in a while.


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